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About Country Coordinating Mechanism

Положение о СКК

Протоколы заседаний

Члены СКК

The Country's Coordination Committee to Fight HIV/AIDS and TB in the Russian Federation (CCM) is a collective coordinating and advisory national body. Its establishing in 2004 was initiated by the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences based on the agreement with a wide range of Russian and international organizations and individuals actively involved in HIV/AIDS and TB control in Russia.

The key CCM objective is to enhance efficiency of responding to HIV/AIDS and TB epidemics in the Russian Federation. The CCM has posed the following tasks for its activities:

CCM activities are aimed at supporting effective interaction of organizations and individuals within the implementation and development of national programs to fight HIV/TB. It includes facilitation in the preparation, consideration and submission of applications to the GFATM and control over the effective implementation of programs supported by the GFATM.

The CCM membership consists of the following professional and social groups, involved in the fight against HIV-infection and TB spread in Russia:

The CCM Superior Body is a Meeting of CCM Members. The RAMS President Academician V. I. Pokrovsky has been elected on the post of the CCM Chairman, and the RF Deputy Minister of Health and Social Development, Academician V. I. Starodubov - the CCM Deputy Chairman. The list of CCM members includes heads of the Federal Scientific and Methodological AIDS Control Center, the Central Research TB Institute of the RAMS, the I. M. Sechenov MMA Research Institute of Phthisiopulmonology, senior executives of the RF Ministry of Health and Social Development and Ministry of Justice, UNAIDS, WHO, World Bank and other international organizations, representatives of federal and regional NGO, and people living with HIV.